We are consulting engineers from Magdeburg (Germany) concerning with mechanic, primary vibration related issues.

Our clients profit by measurement and simulation services, software development and distribution as well as trainings. We steadily develop our competences and our methods: Since many years we have gained expertise in cooperations with international OEMs, SMEs and regional companies. Nevertheless we keep an cooperation with Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. By the use of the multibody simulation Software EMD in Education and Research we daily profit from newest knowledge.
We can be your professional partner with validated solutions according to the state of science and research – don’t hesitate to contact now!

Foto Dr. Steffen Nitzschke
Dr.-Ing. Steffen Nitzschke

  • CEO
  • fluid bearing models
  • solver
  • quality assurance

PhD Thesis Instationäres Verhalten schwimmbuchsengelagerter Rotoren unter Berücksichtigung masseerhaltender Kavitation

Foto Dr. Elmar Woschke
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elmar Woschke

  • CEO
  • pre- & postprocessing
  • elastic bodies
  • trainings

PhD Thesis Simulation gleitgelagerter Systeme in Mehrkörperprogrammen unter Berücksichtigung mechanischer und thermischer Deformationen

Dr.-Ing. Christian Daniel

  • roller- & magnetic bearings
  • model set up
  • measurements
  • trainings

PhD Thesis Simulation von gleit- und wälzgelagerten Systemen auf Basis eines Mehrkörpersystems für rotordynamische Anwendungen

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Göbel

  • DoE
  • accoustics
  • project management
  • public relations