We offer engineering services for the investigation of dynamic systems. We perform technical calculations and take measurements on machines or prototypes. We record with our equipment

  • displacements,
  • velocities,
  • accelerations,
  • forces,
  • strains

and also transmit them wireless out of rotating structures. The evaluation, interpretation and graphic preparation are available from a single source.


Our second tool is the technical simulation. A virtual investigation reveals potential weaknesses early in the development phase, resulting in a significant time and cost savings for you as a customer. We especially focus on a high modeling depth in nonlinear system components such as fluid, roller and magnetic bearings or unilateral contact. The holistic transient simulation of dynamic systems, also considering tribological components, forms our core competency. “Tribology meets Dynamics” is therefore our motto. We answer the frequently asked questions relating to

  • vibration displacement amplitudes,
  • foundation forces,
  • minimal film gap,
  • friction and oil consumption or
  • parameter studies.

We are pleased to produce automated parameter studies with multiple objectives and work out workflows for recurring evaluations.