In order to perform our static and dynamic simulations, we develop, use, and maintain the calculation software EMD, short for extended multi-body dynamics. Around this core there is a toolchain for modeling EMD-Pre, for the import of elastic bodies EMD-Sid as well as EMD-Post for the evaluation and graphical preparation of the results.

You can also purchase the license to use EMD in your company. In cooperation with you, we may tailor the modules to individual requirements or create new features.


Modul Type Scope
mechanics MBS rigid body, rheonomic body (linear,
harmonic, lookup table)
FEM elastic beam: timoshenko therory
general elastic body
force elements linear spring-damper CMP,
torsion spring-damper,
unbalancet, external forces & moments
(constant, harmonic, lookup table),
safety bearing, friction
contact spline-interpolant free surface,
gear units: cogwheel & bevel wheel
hydrodynamics force elements full-floating HD, fluid bearing HD,
ALP3T lookup table, short bearing theory HD, fluid bearing elasticHD, axial bearing
geometry Circular, Lemon bore, Offset-Halves,
multi-lobe, Offset radius, free-form  micro contour
cavitation Elrod algorithm
roller bearings force elements roller bearings 2D & 3D,
herzian contact
pre-/postprocessing EMD-Pre preprocessor for turbocharger models
EMD-SID preprocessor für general elastic bodies
ANSYS interface
EMD-Post postprocessor for MBS, FEM, forces, elastic deformation and stress